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About the Course

Designed for healthcare professionals and students who wish to understand and teach basic life support and cardiac arrest response skills. 

Additionally, they should be committed to ongoing learning and improvement, as the CodePRep CPR Coach training includes both online and hands-on learning experiences. 

Becoming a CodePRep CPR Coach can strengthen your personal response skills by allowing you to develop advanced CPR knowledge and skills. As a coach, you will learn how to effectively teach and mentor others in CPR, which will require a deep understanding of the techniques and best practices. 

You will also have access to ongoing training and support from CodePRep, which can help you stay updated with the latest advancements in CPR and resuscitation.

By honing your CPR skills and becoming a coach, you can increase your confidence and competence in responding to emergencies in the workplace and everyday life. You will also have the opportunity to make a meaningful impact by helping to improve CPR and resuscitation practices in your healthcare facility or community.

Overall, the ideal candidate for the CodePRep CPR Coach training is passionate about improving resuscitation outcomes and dedicated to empowering colleagues to provide high-quality CPR.


CodePRep Coach Training includes three additional hours of hands-on skills training and drills, which can be done in person or virtually. The training is designed to provide coaches with the tools they need to train and mentor other healthcare professionals in their organization.

Your Instructor

Susan Davis

Dr. Susan Davis, a DNP, MSN, RN, PMD, is dedicated to promoting courage, confidence, and excellence in life-saving resuscitation practices. With her extensive experience in the American Heart Association, U.S. hospitals, and rescue programs, she has trained over 50,000 healthcare professionals in Basic, Advanced, and Pediatric resuscitation response, improving code blue team performance.

Dr. Davis developed CodePRep™, a program that provides rapid and efficient code blue training for individual nurses, healthcare, and long-term care facilities to enhance nurse-empowered resuscitation performance. CodePRep™ aims to encourage and empower bedside teams to respond with the utmost confidence and proficiency.

Our goal is to create a national network of High-Performance Resuscitation Hospitals offering continuous code blue team training.

Susan Davis

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