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Be a Mentor, Be My Mentor

Be a Mentor, Be My Mentor - The Power of Connection in Shaping Our Goals

Hello, Rescue RN Community,

In this edition of the Rescue RN newsletter, we're diving into the transformative power of mentorship and how it propels us forward in our personal and professional leadership.

The Transformative Influence of Mentorship

Nursing is a journey, and mentors are the guides who can make the path easier. Whether you're an experienced nurse or a newcomer to the field, mentors can provide guidance, wisdom, and encouragement. And let's not forget the joys of sharing those "nursing hacks" that come only from experience!

But mentorship is a two-way street. Being a mentor is equally enriching as it allows us to give back, sharing our knowledge and contributing to the growth of others in our profession.

My Personal Quest for Mentorship

Over the years, many inspiring individuals have crossed my path, leaving behind invaluable insights that have shaped my approach to nursing and leadership. However, I am still on the quest for those mentors who deeply resonate with my aspirations and the vision I hold for our Rescue RN community.

This quest has been an education in resilience, self-reliance, and the understanding that wisdom comes from diverse sources. The anticipation of meeting these mentors has made me aware of their pivotal role in personal and professional growth. I cannot explain the strength of the new connections I have made just since my recent activity on LinkedIn.

Do not underestimate the power of connection!

Perhaps my next mentor is among you, reading this very message, or maybe they're just a conversation away. Maybe it's the combined wisdom of this community that I seek. Each one of you has something valuable to share, and I am eager to learn. If you are doing self-awareness work and discover an area of your life you want to improve or level-up; a mentor can speed that process. One thing is for sure, you must reach out, and you must ask for help.

Personal Leadership and Advancement

Leveraging mentorship and nurturing connections can indeed open a world of opportunities for career advancement. But what drives this process and truly allows a nurse to reach their full potential is the exercise of personal leadership.

Personal leadership is the commitment to take the helm of your own life. It's about setting your goals, knowing your values, recognizing your strengths and weaknesses, and managing your own performance.

Leadership, Perseverance & Tenacity

We all must persevere in both our personal and professional lives; the alternative is to allow life to dictate our circumstances. To persevere is to keep going, pushing, learning, and doing whatever is needed to keep forward momentum — those who persevere bulldoze ahead, usually staying in their lane, no matter what. Tenacity is a friend of perseverance, utilizing any new information that may make the route less circuitous and the destination arrive sooner.

Perseverance is a way through life and tenacity is the spice that makes it happen.

Like great leaders, successful people have both characteristics. Leading by example, an influential mentor can help you grow, know perseverance well, and to expect a tenacious response when faced with adversity. Undoubtedly two necessary ingredients to be a successful leader.

An Ongoing Journey

Mentorship is not a one-time event. As we grow, we attract different mentors who align with our current stage of life and career. I encourage each one of you to remain open to the mentors that life may introduce to you.

Are you up for the challenge? Would you like to share your wisdom and experiences and help shape the future of CodePRep and Rescue RN? If so, we'd love to hear from you!

"When the student is ready, the mentor will appear."

Don't forget to book a one-on-one connection call with me, Susan B. Davis. This is a unique opportunity to discuss your goals, the challenges you face, and how mentorship could make a difference in your nursing journey. Book your spot now.

As we explore the power of mentorship, let's reach out, connect, and consider how becoming a mentor or finding a mentor could enrich our journeys.

Stay connected,

Susan B. Davis and the Rescue RN Team


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Great information.


Gong Jay
Gong Jay
Jun 19, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Love it❤️

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