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CodePRep - Shifting the Culture of Resuscitation

Transforming Hospital Culture, One Rescue at a Time

A Commitment to Cultural Change: The Heartbeat of Healthcare

Greetings to all dedicated healthcare professionals,

In this edition of the Rescue RN Newsletter, we dive into the essential journey of cultural transformation within our hospitals – a journey that requires unwavering commitment from every corner of the institution. True change, particularly in how we respond to cardiac arrests, begins and is sustained by leadership. It’s not just about acquiring skills and conducting drills; it's about nurturing an environment that continuously supports and prioritizes nursing education and preparedness. Nurses must feel supported 100% without fear of being wrong or “less-than.”

Leadership: Setting the Stage for Lifesaving Change

CodePRep leaders are not just trainers but the engineers of a new mindset and skillset required for consistent and effective responses to cardiac emergencies. By laying a strong foundation, they are transforming hospital resuscitation culture, one rescue at a time. This transformation requires more than individual commitment; it demands a collective effort from the entire hospital system.

Fun fact- About half a hospital’s employees are non-clinical… They need training, too! We all have a responsibility to know how to manage the first few minutes of a cardiac arrest.

Nurses - The Lifeline of the Hospital

Nurses stand at the forefront of patient care. By empowering them, we enhance the strength and responsiveness of the entire healthcare system. However, this empowerment only reaches its full potential in a supportive, learning-oriented hospital environment. It takes the whole system working together to save a life.

CodePRep - Shifting the Culture of Resuscitation

CodePRep is more than a training program; it's a patient-centered, Nurse-approved initiative designed to fill the training gap for In-Hospital Cardiac Arrest (IHCA) readiness. We’re responding to the call for more practical, hands-on mock code experiences, team training, debriefing, and empowering nurses with the confidence and skills to make a measurable difference in life-or-death situations.

Raising the Standard for Value-Based Care

Our mission with CodePRep extends beyond compliance; it's about setting new benchmarks for Value-Based Care in nursing education. By enhancing aspects such as:

  • Consistency in Response: Every member of the healthcare team responds consistently to cardiac arrest emergencies shocking in two minutes or less.

  • Enhanced Preparedness: Prioritize emergency equipment familiarity that increases your team’s mental and physical readiness for resuscitation events, increasing their response time & efficacy.

  • Timely Intervention: Your healthcare team operates at a gold standard of care, providing compressions within 1 minute and defibrillation within 2 minutes, increasing the number of saved lives.

  • Improved Documentation & Debriefing Process: Your healthcare team effectively documents cardiac arrest emergencies and provides valuable debriefing strategies for improved quality of care.

  • CPR Mastery: Your healthcare team demonstrates mastery of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and other life-saving techniques through repetition & practice of mock drills.

  • Improved Teamwork: Your healthcare team collaborates, communicates, and coordinates effectively, building unit trust.

  • Hospital culture: It takes a system to save a life; all members of the healthcare community CodePRep; clinical and non-clinical teams participate to build strong foundations for exceptional care.

And let's not skip our commitment to population health!

My goal is to train hospitals and communities how to master the first few minutes of a cardiac arrest until help arrives. 

Be a Leader in Healthcare

We invite you to become part of this transformative journey. Embrace CodePRep and become a beacon of change in your hospital. This is about more than meeting standards; it’s about elevating the entire culture of our healthcare institutions.

Join us in redefining hospital culture, one rescue at a time. 

If you would like to learn more or consult with the Rescue RN about your hospital culture, fill out the CodePRep Resuscitation Culture Assessment, and then we'll dig into supporting your nurse's heart so they can save ours!

Until our next update, keep leading, learning, and saving lives.

With a commitment to excellence,

We can make every hospital heart safe, efficient, and compassionate. Let's embrace the change with CodePRep.



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