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Facing the Reality: Understanding "Failure to Rescue"

Dear Reader,

"Failure to Rescue" – the words may be blunt, but they echo a hard truth in emergency care. It describes those heart-wrenching moments when we tragically lose someone due to missed signs, overlooked symptoms, or hesitation. Whether a family member at home, a colleague at work, a student in school, or a patient in a healthcare setting, the aftermath is the same: a blend of grief, regret, and the tormenting question, "Could we have done more?"

Recognizing the Unseen: Signs Before the Storm

In many cases, clear indicators of deterioration manifest days or even hours before a situation becomes irreversible. These subtle changes often go unnoticed, but they carry with them a plea for attention and intervention. As part of our commitment to proactive care, this edition of our newsletter highlights the importance of vigilance.

More than Preparedness: Embracing a Readiness Mindset

Preparation is crucial, but a readiness mindset elevates it further. It means being mentally and emotionally primed to act swiftly and effectively when every second counts. Such readiness isn't just beneficial – it's imperative. In emergent situations, the luxury of time is often absent, leaving only our knowledge, instincts, and courage to rely on.

Practice. Practice, Practice! Learn Hands-Only CPR, and go the extra step to drill with your family, coworkers, teachers, students, and healthcare staff.

What Can We Do Better?

Change begins with awareness. By acknowledging "Failure to Rescue" and understanding its implications, we can foster a culture where continuous learning and proactive measures are the norms. It's about knowing what to do and being mentally and emotionally equipped to do it without hesitation.

Final Thoughts

It's a heavy topic, but one we must face head-on. By understanding "Failure to Rescue," we're not just shedding light on an issue; we're paving the way for prevention. Together, let's work towards ensuring that no one becomes a victim of missed signs or delayed action.

Thank you for being part of this journey with us. We look forward to continuing to empower, educate, and inspire you to be rescue ready.

To follow us and our HEARTSafe journey in SWFL, go to!

Warm regards,

Susan B. Davis DNP, MSN, RN, PMD

Rescue RN Founder


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