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National CPR and AED Awareness Week - Take a "TIME OUT" for Safety

Dear Community Members and Healthcare Professionals,

This National CPR and AED Awareness Week, we emphasize the critical need to know the location of the nearest AED and the importance of taking a "TIME OUT" at every gathering or sporting event to ensure emergency readiness.

Today, let’s explore what it truly means to be ready to save a life or have your life saved. Imagine the worst possible scenario unfolding right before your eyes—a sudden cardiac arrest happening to someone near you. 

It's undeniably a bad day, but it's also a moment where our most profound human obligations come into play.

Understanding the Urgency and Our Collective Responsibility

In moments of sudden cardiac arrest, every second counts, and we have only 2-6 minutes to make a life-saving difference. 

This stark reality underscores our communal obligation to be prepared—a social contract to protect one another. In moments of crisis, the question isn't just about what can be done but what should be done. If you are there, you are the one who can act. 

This isn't just about being a hero; it’s about being human. If not you, then who? 

We must be ready to step up for others, just as we hope someone will do for us or our loved ones in similar circumstances.

Where the closest AED is at your home, office, or favorite restaurant?

The Importance of a "TIME OUT"

A "TIME OUT" involves pausing before any large gathering or sporting event to confirm the location of AEDs and review a quick action plan. This practice ensures that everyone knows what to do and where to go in an emergency, significantly improving the chances of a successful intervention.

Vigilance and Visibility: Making AEDs a Familiar Sight

We must all be vigilant about spotting AEDs wherever we go. Their visibility is crucial—they should be as quickly located as fire extinguishers. By making AEDs prominent and known, we enhance the community’s ability to respond effectively in emergencies.

Empowering Through Education

Beyond awareness, empowerment comes through knowledge and preparedness. Understanding how to use an AED, maintaining these devices, and knowing their exact locations are crucial. 

Regular training and refresher on using these devices can turn bystanders into rescuers.

The Best AED- The One You Use!

The most effective AED is one that is readily accessible and one that you are trained to use. Let’s all take the initiative to learn about these life-saving devices. During this awareness week, encourage your networks to participate in CPR and AED training. Advocate for "TIME OUT" sessions to highlight emergency protocols at every event.

Your Role 

This week, let's strengthen our resolve to be prepared. Take a "TIME OUT" to pinpoint AED locations and review emergency procedures at your next event. Your proactive steps can save lives.

Being ready to save a life—or having your life saved—is about embracing our role within our communities. It's about breaking down barriers, dispelling myths, and stepping forward when called upon.

Let's reinforce our commitment to being prepared, educated, and courageous in emergencies.

With a commitment to life-saving readiness,


Together, we create a safer, more responsive community. Be proactive, be ready, and make a life-saving impact.

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Tim Malesick
Tim Malesick
03. Juni
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Awesome to be Aware !

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