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Nurse Health and Wealth

Nurse Health and Wealth: Boost Your Well-being by Embracing Entrepreneurship


Welcome to this special edition of our Rescue RN newsletter - focusing on the health and wealth of our community of nurses. We believe that nurses, as natural leaders, problem solvers, and caring professionals, are perfectly positioned to not only excel in their roles but also thrive as entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs.

Your Health is Your Wealth

As nurses, we know more than most how vital health is to our overall quality of life. Yet with our demanding schedules, it can sometimes be challenging to prioritize our well-being. Entrepreneurs know the importance of maintaining good health to keep up with the demanding pace of their work.

A healthy diet, regular exercise, and mental wellness practices such as meditation and mindfulness are not luxuries, but necessities.

Intrapreneurship and Entrepreneurship in Nursing

The entrepreneurial mindset isn't only for those starting their own businesses; it also applies to nurses working within existing structures, a concept known as 'intrapreneurship'.

Perhaps that innovative workaround you created for better patient care is your ticket to a more fulfilling professional life. It could be the launchpad for a new initiative within your unit or even the foundation for your own healthcare business.

Improving Your Wealth through Entrepreneurial Endeavors

Wealth isn't just about monetary gain - it's also about the value you bring and the impact you make. Nurses have immense potential to create valuable services and products based on their unique skills, experiences, and insights from patient care.

The Power of Community

Becoming part of our Rescue RN community can provide the supportive "outside leadership" mentoring you need to guide your progress, whether you're pursuing entrepreneurship or intrapreneurship. By connecting with peers and mentors who've walked similar paths, you can gain invaluable insights, advice, and encouragement.

Connection Calls with Me

Remember, we are here to support you on this journey. Book a one-on-one connection call with me, Susan B. Davis. Let's discuss how you can harness your nursing skills to improve your health, wealth, and impact.

Nurses, we urge you to look beyond traditional roles and embrace the opportunities of entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship. Your skills and experiences are valuable and can make a lasting impact while enhancing your personal health and wealth.

Until next time, stay healthy, wealthy, and connected!

Best regards,

The Rescue RN Team

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