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Lee Health's Simulation Lab: A Critical Training Tool for Healthcare Providers

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

Lee Health Unveils Simulation Lab to Enhance Nursing Skills

Lee Health, a healthcare provider in Lee County, Florida, has opened a new simulation lab to provide nurses and certified nursing assistants with an innovative training experience. The simulation lab, located at Gulf Coast Medical Center, is designed to create real-world scenarios that enhance participants' skills in dealing with emergency situations.

The lab is equipped with the sights and sounds of an ICU room and features cameras, two-way mirrors, and microphones to create a safe and non-judgmental environment for practicing different skills and complex scenarios. The lab is open to anyone involved in patient care and is critical in building muscle memory and increasing confidence.

According to Traci Grove, Simulation Education Coordinator for Lee Health, the lab can be used to practice low-frequency, high-risk situations that require quick thinking and decisive action. "They can practice different skills, they can practice complex scenarios, or those maybe low frequency yet high-risk situations," said Grove.

One of the key benefits of the simulation lab is that it helps to prepare healthcare providers for worst-case scenarios, such as cardiac arrest. "Even in our simulated environment your body reacts as if you are in it," said Susan Davis, Resuscitation Education Program Manager at Lee Health. "You always want to be as prepared as you can for the worst case scenario, and cardiac arrest is that."

The lab is critical because the national average arrival time for the critical care team is about 4 minutes, making this type of training crucial in providing the best care possible. The simulation lab is designed to implement real-world scenarios like a patient going into cardiac arrest. Through the cameras in the room, the two-way mirror, and microphones to communicate, it's a safe and non-judgmental environment.

After the simulation, participants move to the debrief room, where they receive feedback from their peers and identify areas for improvement. "We'll go in there and do the drill with three people and do the hot debrief the good the bad the ugly like we did in that room and then we come in here and give feedback from everybody else that was watching," said Davis.

The simulation lab is an innovative training experience that prepares healthcare providers to provide safe and high-quality care in high-risk situations. By practicing different skills and complex scenarios, participants build muscle memory and increase their confidence, ensuring they can provide the best care possible in any situation.

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Shone Davis
Mar 16, 2023
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