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What Does it Mean to Be HEARTSafe?

With heartfelt excitement, we welcome you to this special edition of the Rescue RN newsletter. Today, we share with you an ambitious mission - the cultivation of HEARTSafe communities across Southwest Florida.

Through the power of connection, personal, and professional leadership at its best - we have accepted a grand mission, fueled by the dedication, collaboration, and hands-on involvement of our entire community.

Our hospitals, EMS, schools, fire departments, law enforcement, and businesses are joining forces like never before.

Together, we're not just transforming our collective response to cardiac emergencies; we're revolutionizing it. We're fostering a culture of readiness that serves to make our communities safer, healthier, and heartier. And we can't help but say - how cool is that??

What Does it Mean to Be HEARTSafe?

HEARTSafe designations are designed to promote, educate, and increase the survival rates of sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). It symbolizes a commitment to provide improved cardiac response and care no matter where you are, through empowering community members and increasing the accessibility of life-saving tools and techniques. It means practicing where you live, work, and play to OWN your friends and families care until professional medical help arrives.

A HEARTSafe entity – a K-12 classroom, gymnasium, or football field, your office, favorite restaurant, concert, at the beach, or in your home -

symbolizes a commitment to providing improved cardiac response and care. It embodies readiness to act in cardiac emergencies, understanding the Chain of Survival, and being able to provide early CPR and use an AED until professional help arrives.

We want to stress that being HEARTSafe is not about certification - it's about ACTION.

It's about recognizing a problem, calling for help, starting effective and immediate chest compressions, and using an AED as soon as it becomes available.

Saving the heart is cool, but saving the brain is cooler.

The significance of your actions cannot be overstated. In the first few critical minutes of a cardiac emergency, a ready and alert bystander's actions can make the difference between life and death. We strongly encourage you to learn CPR, familiarize yourself with the use of an AED, and commit to ongoing readiness drills.

At Rescue RN, we envision a world where every home, school, business, and healthcare organization is HEARTSafe. We invite you to join our mission to create HEARTSafe communities across the globe. With your contribution, we can amplify the survival rates from sudden cardiac arrests and ensure that every heart gets the fighting chance it deserves.

Making it to the ICU is cool, but going home is cooler.

We will ensure EVERYONE knows where to find our Hands-on-the-Heart compression practice events. Two minutes of your time to KNOW you can do it AND Your efforts will be counted toward being HEARTSafe READY!!

Remember, your actions have the power to make a world of difference. Let's unite in our readiness, and let's cultivate HEARTSafe communities together!

Stay tuned for more updates, events, and opportunities to contribute to this life-changing initiative. We're all in this together, and every hand counts.

Contact the RescueRN for more about how to BE HEARTSafe.

From our families to yours, here’s to a heart-healthier future!

Best regards,

Susan B. Davis DNP

Rescue RN Founder


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