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 Optimal Clinical CPR Performance
Continuous Quality Improvement in Code Blue Response

What is CodePRep?

CodePRep™ is a comprehensive training program designed to improve the quality of clinical cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) delivered in hospitals, long-term care facilities, and schools of health professions. The program is aimed at healthcare professionals responsible for responding to cardiac arrest events and delivering CPR.

Cardiac arrest is a serious medical emergency that requires prompt intervention to improve the chances of survival. In hospital settings, the rapid response team is responsible for responding to cardiac arrest events and providing CPR. However, studies have shown that the quality of CPR delivered during the first few minutes of cardiac arrest events is often suboptimal, leading to poor patient outcomes.

CodePRep™ aims to address this issue by providing healthcare professionals with the knowledge, skills, and confidence they need to deliver high-quality CPR during high-risk, low frequency cardiac arrest events.  

CodePRep™ is based on the latest evidence-based guidelines for CPR and cardiac arrest management. The program is designed to be flexible and customizable, allowing healthcare organizations and schools to tailor the training to their specific needs and resources. The program can be delivered in-person or online, depending on the hospital's preference.

The benefits of CodePRep™ are numerous. By improving the quality of CPR delivered during cardiac arrest events, hospitals can improve patient outcomes and increase the chances of survival. In addition, healthcare professionals who complete the program report increased confidence and competence in their ability to respond to cardiac arrest events.

Overall, the CodePRep™ program is an essential training tool for healthcare professionals responsible for responding to cardiac arrest situations and providing CPR. By participating in this program, healthcare professionals can enhance their skills, improve the quality of clinical CPR performance delivered in hospitals, and ultimately improve patient outcomes.



In-hospital cardiac arrest is one of the leading sources of preventable harm and death in hospitals today. Survival rates range from 9% to 37%. What is your hospital's score? Has biannual classroom training fallen short of providing hospital first responders with confidence and competence? Do we need to train beyond basic skills for self-efficacy? Improvement is possible with better patient outcomes, improved team performance, and boosted staff morale. Optimal code blue response is possible with CodePRep™



CodePRep™ offers a range of programs for quality improvement in code blue response. From one-day clinical leadership training to hospital-wide team performance initiatives, the core CodePRep™ curriculum is a one-hour online course with equipment training and drill participation. In 2023, a new one-day workshop is being offered called "Cultivating a Hospital Culture of Courage and Dignity."

Patient Outcomes

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Team Performance

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Empowering Nurses

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Benifits of CodePRep?

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Benefit # 1

Brief, hands-on, in-situ, low-fidelity inter-professional cardiac arrest drills significantly improve resuscitation selfefficacy.

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Benefit # 2

Building a supported and empowered frontline while including other non-clinical staff creates a community of "lifesavers" identifying with courage and dignity.

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Benefit # 3

CodePRep™ curriculum fills the gap between basic CPR skills and outstanding code blue performance with measurable clinical results and lasting team morale improvement.


Many hospital systems invest in extensive life support training that theoretically should build effective code teams and nurse self-efficacy. However, successful completion of a life-support course does not guarantee participants will recall and apply the content during an emergency. Knowledge acquired from Basic Life Support (BLS) courses deteriorates as soon as two weeks after course completion. CodePRep™ is the solution, enhanced training for optimum CPR performance.

CodePRep ™ allows nurses and interdisciplinary practitioners the chance to enhance their skills, increase their self-efficacy, and ultimately save more lives.

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CodePRep™ Performance Improvement project August 2020, Southwest Florida Hospital

  • 61.9% (36) RNs, 31% (13) CNAs, and (3) 7.1% Respiratory Therapists

  • 43% never witnessed a cardiac arrest

  • 64% never performed CPR on a person

  • 86% never used the defibrillator

  • Resuscitation self-efficacy improved significantly

  • Emergency equipment self-efficacy improved significantly

  • Hospital teams ability to respond to deteriorating patients improved significantly

* A complete copy of the research study CodePRep: Unit-Based Resuscitation Drills for Nurse and Interprofessional First Responder Self-Efficacy by Dr. Susan B. Davis is available upon request

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