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Rescue Tour 2024: Book Your Rescue RN Speaking Engagements & Workshops Now! 

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2024 is just around the corner, and with it comes the much-anticipated Rescue Tour! It's time to secure your spot for an empowering and enlightening experience with Rescue RN.

 Whether you're looking for dynamic speaking engagements or interactive workshops, we've got you covered. Our events are tailored to inspire, educate, and equip healthcare professionals with the latest in resuscitation techniques and patient care strategies.

 What We Offer:

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Engaging Keynote Speeches

Hands-On Resuscitation Workshops

Team-Building Exercises for Clinical Teams 

Insightful Discussions on Healthcare Trends

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Perfect for:

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Healthcare Institutions

Nursing Conferences

*Seeking to enhance their team’s skills and knowledge

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Don't miss out on this opportunity to bring top-notch resuscitation education to your team.


Book your Rescue RN experience for the Rescue Tour 2024 today!


Let's make 2024 a year of learning, growth, and exceptional patient care!

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Dr. Susan B. Davis Speaking Topics

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Nursing Minds in Action: Keeping the Human in Intelligence

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Key Players in the First Few Minutes: Basic Life Support (BLS) Rapid Response Team for Emergency Resuscitation and Self-Efficacy

Compressions on Manikin with Crashcart.png

Code Blue Mindset: Empowering Rescuers for Effective CPR and Early Defibrillation

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Putting It All Together for High-Performance Resuscitation

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Recognizing Patient Deterioration with the Visual Acuity Scale in High-Performance Resuscitation

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AIRWAY ALLIES: The synergy between RNS and respiratory therapist in code blue

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Learn to Love Your Defibrillator or AED: Proper Use and Sequencing of Emergency Equipment in Code Blue

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FLIGHT, FIGHT, or FREEZE? Unit-based resuscitation drills for nurse and interprofessional first responder self-efficacy

Level 1
Level 2
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Dr. Susan Davis Videos

Dr. Amy Podcast with Dr. Susan Davis | The Passion Found Me

Code Blue Timing | Importance

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