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Rescue Tour 2024: Book Your Rescue RN Speaking Engagements & Workshops Now! 

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 What We Offer:

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Engaging Keynote Speeches

Hands-On Resuscitation Workshops

Team-Building Exercises for Clinical Teams 

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Healthcare Institutions

Nursing Conferences

Dr. Susan B. Davis Speaking Topics

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Nursing Minds in Action: Keeping the Human in Intelligence

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Key Players in the First Few Minutes: Basic Life Support (BLS) Rapid Response Team for Emergency Resuscitation and Self-Efficacy

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Code Blue Mindset: Empowering Rescuers for Effective CPR and Early Defibrillation

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Putting It All Together for High-Performance Resuscitation

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Recognizing Patient Deterioration with the Visual Acuity Scale in High-Performance Resuscitation

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AIRWAY ALLIES: The synergy between RNS and respiratory therapist in code blue

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Learn to Love Your Defibrillator or AED: Proper Use and Sequencing of Emergency Equipment in Code Blue

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FLIGHT, FIGHT, or FREEZE? Unit-based resuscitation drills for nurse and interprofessional first responder self-efficacy

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Level 2
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Dr. Susan Davis Videos

Dr. Amy Podcast with Dr. Susan Davis | The Passion Found Me

Code Blue Timing | Importance

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