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New Year's Day Edition - Launching the Rescue Tour 2024

Greetings and Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2024! As we step into this new year filled with hope and determination, we at Rescue RN are thrilled to announce the launch of our most ambitious initiative yet - the Rescue Tour 2024.

Reflecting on Connections and Growth

2023 was a remarkable year for us, thanks to the incredible connections and relationships we cultivated. Your support and collaboration have been the driving force behind our mission. 

Now, it's time to amplify our impact.

The Mission: More Saves, More Survivors, More Safety

This year, our goal is to 10x our presence in the life-saving arena. We're aiming for more saves, survivors, and a safer environment for our children, whether at school, on the sports field, or anywhere they might be across the globe.

Commitment to Awareness and Action

We are fully committed to raising awareness and taking action around cardiac arrest preparedness. This includes comprehensive training, action plans, support, resources for survivors, and compassionate assistance for those who have experienced loss.

Introducing the Rescue Tour 2024

The Rescue Tour 2024 is our way of bringing our mission to your doorstep. 

We want to reach out, connect, and empower as many communities as possible.

What the Tour Offers:

  • First Come, First Served: Want the Rescue RN team to speak at your event or announce the "Time Out" at your sports gathering? Let us know!

  • Participation in Events: Whether it’s an in-person seminar, a school sports day, or a virtual conference, we're there to add value.

  • Hands-On Training: We will provide practical training sessions and workshops on CPR, AED usage, and emergency response strategies.

  • Support for Survivors and Families: Offering resources and support for those affected by cardiac emergencies.

Let's Connect to Rescue

This tour is about creating a network of lifesavers - nurses, parents, families, communities. We're in this together, and we've got your back.

Join Us

If you want the Rescue RN team to be a part of your 2024 journey, contact us. Let's make this year count with meaningful action and impactful collaboration.

One Shot, Make It Count

We get one shot at this life. Let's make the best of it. Bring your enthusiasm, willingness to learn, and commitment to saving lives. Bring it all to 2024!

With excitement and hope, The Rescue RN Team

Here's to a year of action, connection, and lifesaving achievements. 

We're ready for it. Are you? Let's do this – together!

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