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Setting New Standards for In-Hospital Cardiac Arrest (IHCA) Response


In this edition of the Rescue RN newsletter, we’d like to clarify the complementary roles of Rescue RN and CodePRep. Both initiatives, founded by Susan B. Davis, represent a unified commitment to improving cardiac arrest outcomes, but they address this critical issue from different angles.

Setting New Standards for In-Hospital Cardiac Arrest (IHCA) Response

CodePRep is a Standardized Mock Code Resuscitation Training Program that supports hospitals in meeting and surpassing the resuscitation standards set by the Joint Commission in 2022 and aligning with the recommendations on improving in-hospital cardiac arrests by ILCOR in 2023. At the forefront of establishing new benchmarks in emergency care, CodePRep advocates for excellence in responding to IHCA. 

Through our commitment to this initiative, we're preparing healthcare professionals and transforming the status of in-hospital emergency response.

Bridging the Gap in Hospital Performance and Outcomes

CodePRep plays a critical role in the healthcare ecosystem by addressing the gap between the current best practices available in cardiac arrest response and clinical performance and outcomes observed in hospitals.

The Gap

Best Practices vs. Real-World Application: There is often a disparity between ideal resuscitation procedures outlined by guidelines and their application in high-pressure, real-world clinical scenarios.

Training vs. Execution: While healthcare professionals may receive training in cardiac arrest response, translating this training into effective action during emergencies can be inconsistent.

Knowledge vs. Skills Retention: Healthcare providers are regularly updated with the latest knowledge and protocols. However, retaining and effectively applying these skills, especially under stress, can be challenging.

Mission- CodePRep is designed to optimize the skills of healthcare professionals in responding to in-hospital cardiac arrests through basic and advanced mock code simulations, supporting medical staff proficiency, confidence, and preparedness.

Focus Areas

  • Mock Code Drills: Conducting evidence-based simulations that enhance team dynamics, communication, debriefing, and clinical skills specific to in-hospital cardiac emergencies.

  • Professional Development: Offering ongoing education and training to keep hospital staff on top of the latest advancements in cardiac care and resuscitation techniques.

  • Quality Improvement: Analyzing simulation data and feedback to refine hospital protocols and align them with the latest evidence-based emergency cardiovascular care guidelines.

Rescue RN - Empowering the Community

Mission- Rescue RN's mission is to elevate public awareness and knowledge about cardiac arrest, CPR, and AED use, empowering individuals in the community to respond effectively to cardiac emergencies outside of hospital settings.

Focus Areas

  • Public Education: Hosting workshops, seminars, and training sessions on CPR and AED usage for diverse audiences to ensure widespread community readiness.

  • AED Accessibility: Championing the cause for greater accessibility and visibility of Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) in public spaces and educating the community on their usage.

  • Community Engagement: Collaborating with schools, businesses, and local organizations to create a HeartSafe environment that prioritizes cardiac health and emergency preparedness.

Together, Saving Lives

While Rescue RN prepares the community to tackle cardiac emergencies confidently, CodePRep focuses on optimizing healthcare professionals' in-hospital response. 

This combo approach is our strategy for cardiac arrest preparedness and improving survival rates in public and healthcare settings.

As we prepare to embark on the Rescue Tour 2024, we invite you to join us in this critical mission. Featuring Rescue RN speaking opportunities and CodePRep Coach "train the trainer" workshops, this tour is designed to bring our resuscitation programs directly to you.

Whether by implementing the "Time Out" initiative in your local sports leagues or by integrating CodePRep's standardized training in your hospital, your participation is crucial. Together, we can create safer communities and healthcare environments where the readiness to respond to cardiac emergencies is second nature.

Until we meet during the Rescue Tour 2024, let's stay committed, prepared, and, most importantly, united in our goal to enhance emergency care for everyone, everywhere.

We are passionate about spreading knowledge, enhancing skills, and, ultimately, saving lives. Join us in making every home, school, business, and hospital cardiac safe.

With heartfelt commitment,

Susan B. Davis Rescue RN


Your engagement and support fuel our mission. Together, let's continue to make a difference in the lives of those around us.

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